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Teeth Whitening

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Professional Tooth Whitening in Gillette

We offer tooth whitening services to give you that great looking smile you’ve been looking for.

Get Your Teeth Checked Prior to Whitening
The American Dental Association recommends that you have your teeth examined by a dentist prior to starting the tooth whitening process. Not everyone is a good candidate for tooth whitening:

  • Certain Types of Tooth Colors Don’t Bleach Well (Brown, Grey)
  • Bondings or Tooth Colored Fillings May Not Bleach Well
  • Some Patients May Experience Side Affects (Irritation)

By visiting Big Horn Dental Clinic, our dentists can let you know how well whitening will work for you. If you aren’t a great candidate for tooth whitening, we will present you with other alternatives, like veneers or dental bonding.

Tooth Whitening at Big Horn Dental Clinic
For our patients that are interested in exploring tooth whitening, here is the process:

1) Dental Examination – We will make sure that tooth whitening will work for you. If you aren’t a good candidate, he will suggest other alternatives.

2) Tooth Impressions -We will take impressions of your teeth in order to create custom fit trays for the whitening process.

3) At Home Whitening – Using the trays and a bleaching solution, you will whiten your teeth as prescribed by our dentists.

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Your Comfort is Important to Us

In addition to providing local anesthetic for all sensitive procedures, we have other options to keep you in total comfort if you’re a bit nervous about going to the dentist.

  • Gas Sedation
    A gas which allows you to be comfortable during dental procedures.
  • Virtually Pain Free Injections
    We use DentalVibe, which is a patented technology that allows for virtually pain free dental injections.

Meet Dr. Lee & Dr Nichols


Dr. Clint Lee was raised in Elkhorn, Nebraska and earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree at the University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Dentistry. Dr. Lee is committed to providing excellent patient care to the Gillette community and attends advanced dental trainings to expand his clinical knowledge.

Dr. Steve Nichols grew up in Mesa, Arizona and went to the University of Michigan where he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree. Education has always been important to Dr. Nichols and he continues to grow and educate himself to provide optimum treatment for his patients.

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